Bemobi, a part of Otello Corporation, is a Mobile Media and Entertainment company. Throughout that they integrate people and mobile content through technology, constantly opening up new opportunities through innovative business models. After more than 15 years targeting the Brazilian mobile landscape in partnership with all major mobile carriers in the region, Bemobi has recently opened its doors to the world and are now present in more than 35 countries in Latin America and Asia. Their disruptive services and ideas reach over 25 million mobile users worldwide.

Apps Club is the official Android apps subscription offer for many of the top mobile carriers and smartphone OEMs in the world. Apps Club is the leading Apps subscription service in terms of addressable market reach, content quality as well as in total active subscribers. Apps Club reaches ±2B and unlocks the potential of Apps Distribution and monetization in Emerging markets. With emerging markets in mind, it has no need for credit cards as it provides carrier billing for 100% of its addressable users, therefore unlocking a huge monetization potential where credit card penetration is low. Also, there is no need for a data plan to download new apps – all app downloads within Apps Club can be done for free independently of users having purchased a mobile data plan, making the service accessible for all.

Bemobi gives you access to a variety of apps & games in a totally new way and you can see more of their products on their company website.

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